A wide playground list of arcade game machines for sale

Having been focusing on providing high-quality arcade game machines, we have made deals with clients who running a commercial business like a shopping center, super market, or video games center. Our company have directly produced tons of fun for families through our arcade game machines. In fact, many of our customers came back to us for acquiring more game machines to update or expand their ordinary game centers. Generally, I would like to owe their second visits to the superb quality and a wide list of our products.

A wide arcade game list

arcade game list

Founded in 1999, our company has a near twenty years of experiences in arcade game machines. During the past decades, we have spent a large amount of money on technical researching. As a result, we now have many kinds of arcade game machines available for you. Normally, our main products include video arcade games, sports arcade games, pinball machines, redemption arcade games, and photo booth machines. Regardless of the size of your game center, you may be able to choose any kind of arcade machine you like. However, there are actually so many things you have to take into consideration when you are going to run an arcade game center. Let alone the size, you still have to spend some time on controlling your budget and making a favorable arrangement. So, that whole process will take you lots of time.

Turn-key playground solution

 As we have just mentioned, you have to take a lot of time to make a whole planning for your arcade game center. However, it is nearly bitter and almost impossible to ask those owners to spare out their precious time that should be used to supervise their whole business. So, we pushed out our specialized services that aims to help you deal with the trivial housework so that you can take control of your business in a whole sight.


Fish can not survive without fresh water and our products can’t stand alone to produce fun without a solid quality. With this faith in our mind, we have been striving all the way to improve our quality. To achieve this goal, we have accepted various type of examination delivered by certification institutions. The rules in these standards have provided strong and vivid guidelines for our workers in workshops. In addition to high standards, we have also built a strict evaluation system to help us pick out the finest materials that makes up solid basis for great products. Though those measures took us lots of time, we are still willing to continue with that. Because we firmly believe high standards and supreme materials together build a basis for the best products.

It is not easy to start a new business unless you find a right way to start. Our company have been concentrating on arcade game machine for decades of years. So, we are the very appropriate choice for you and your business.