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How to set up children’s indoor playground

How to set up children's indoor playground

For creative business people, having an indoor playground can be personally and financially beneficial. The creative advantage of indoor playgrounds is that they are extremely versatile and can accommodate whatever equipment, activity or function the builder wants. The commercial advantage of indoor playgrounds is that they can establish themselves by catering to parents who want their children to be healthy and active. The key to building an indoor playground is to find a suitable location for the facilities and create a beautiful indoor environment for the customers.

Pay attention to indoor playgrounds in your area

Indoor playground is usually listed as “recreational facilities” or “playgrounds” and usually have names such as “family entertainment center” or “entertainment area”. If you’re not sure if an organization has an indoor playground, call and ask. Many businesses, such as restaurants and day-care centers have an indoor stadium as a sideline. Pay attention to indoor playgrounds in your area.

Decide what type of indoor playground you want to operate

Indoor playgrounds vary in many shapes and sizes. Some tunnels have a large pipe complex consisting of many interconnected tunnels and slides. Some have several separate components (slides, swings, climbing frames) similar to those can be found in outdoor playgrounds. Others have arcade games and food courts, in addition to playing equipment. Equipment for tubular complexes is often more expensive than traditional playground equipment, and more equipment and features mean greater start-up costs. When deciding on the concept of a playground, consider the costs and benefits. Check vendor websites to compare device prices and features.

Find a place with few playgrounds but lots of schools, nurseries, and retailers

Choosing a place where parents and children often travel together is important, but just as important is choosing a place where there won’t be too much competition. Playgrounds have a fairly simple purpose: there are places where children are active and playful, and parents don’t have to worry about their children getting lost. Therefore, in a small area, there is usually not more than one indoor playground market. To find a suitable location, search the retail rental space directory for commercial buildings with open space and suburban locations.

Design the layout of the indoor playground

Depending on the complexity of the project, you can do it with the help of an indoor designer. If you plan to operate a simple playground using traditional equipment, you can design a simple layout with the help of an online floor planning resource. If you plan to run a larger playground with complex plumbing and several rooms, you may want to keep the services of an interior designer. To find an interior designer in your area, visit the American association of interior designers web site and click “find an interior designer.”

Buy indoor playground equipment

There are many enterprises specializing in different types of indoor playground equipment and supplies. The supplier you should work with depends on the type of playground you want to operate. International Play Co., for example, offers traditional indoor slides, swings and climbing frames, while Orca Coast Play provides large tubular structures for larger indoor playground facilities.

See what state and local business licenses you need

Register your business name and get a tax ID number. Business names are usually registered in your state and may require a fee. You can usually complete tax and business forms on your state department website. Federal tax documents are obtained through the internal revenue service and your state’s tax agency.

Install the device at your location

If necessary, ask a porter to help move the equipment to the designated location when it arrives. If your plan involves a complex network of ancillary components, the company you purchase the device may be able to help you install larger components. You can install simple devices yourself.

The Rise of Arcade Bars and Where to Find Them

Rise of Arcade Bars and Where to Find Them

As we all know, arcades are one of the most popular places of entertainment for children and teenagers. But, in the past thirty years, the arcade has almost disappeared, as the development of time, people can easily bring games into their homes. Although video games used to be used only in the large arcade-style systems, the advent of home game systems have actually made games more portable than the past, especially when they can be used on television. SEGA Genesis, Nintendo and Atari, and other systems push children further and further away from the once the most popular arcade machines and back to their own houses for entertainment.

These days, however, the arcades return to more adult venues-bars.

What is the Arcade Bar?

The arcade bars are what they sound like: places of entertainment, part of arcade and part of bar. Generally speaking, these places provide mixed drinks, wine, beer, bar snacks and food (sometimes even with full menus), as well as a range of video games and other entertainment programs. Sometimes these games types are limited to the arcade-style games such as Tekken or Pac-Man, but they usually have a range of consoles, such as Super Nintendo, Nintendo, the original PlayStation, Atari, and so on.

Why are they popular?

It is simple. The average age of bar gamers is 35, according to the data. Arcade bars are popular among adults because nostalgia is so strong that adult players want to have entertainment choices outside their home systems. Nowadays, people in their 20 and 30 years old always miss the 1980s and 1990s. They want to play old arcade video games again and play games in a social environment.

Where Can We Find These Arcade Bars?

The answer is very simple. Actually, they are everywhere. Here are some famous arcade bars in big cities.

Cobra arcade bar

It was located in Phoenix, Arizona. Cobra Arcade Bar has different choices of drinks, including fine wines, and craft beers, or cocktails. The owner has one of the best options of vintage arcade games available in any places, with titles like Frogger and Galaga as headliners.


It was located in New York, America. The name Barcade, won’t disappoint people. It’s actually a half-arcade and half-bar, a chain of a few venues across New York, one of which is in Philadelphia. Beverage options include craft beer, and game choices include popular games such as “Tapper” and ” Donkey Kong “. Barcade also has a patio area to let people relax between games.


It was located in Seattle, Washington.

The historic building was almost razed to the ground by bulldozers, but fortunately, at the last minute, it was preserved and transformed into an arcade bar for players to entertain. There are delicious hot dogs, beer and cocktails in the bar. On Friday, it has special happy hour which includes $6 mixed drinks, and the game includes different versions of pinball and other classic games, such as taxis.

If you are not live in one of these big cities but you really want to relive your arcade experience. Don’t worry. Do a simple Google search for “arcade bar in (insert your city)”, there may be a location closer to you.

Ten Tips for Indoor Rock Climbing

indoor rock climbing tips

Rock climbing gym can be a daunting place, especially when you are the first time to play this sport in the indoor playground. To read more and learn more about our professional advice on indoor rock climbing. After you know all these basics, you can also read about the tips of indoor rock climbing.

Choose an Ideal Gym

1. Set a Goal

Look for different kinds of gyms in your region to decide which one is the best ideal gym for your budget and objectives. Ask about courses or coaching skills about leading, motor skills and training. Look for a gym with a whole weight room, sneakers, a systems board, or a moon board. Ask about your child programs—some gyms even have some rooms for little climbers. Many gyms also include yoga courses for free.

2. The Update of the Route

To ask some information about how often the gym updates their routes and how many times of each grade the gym often tries to refresh. If you tend to climb in a regular time, this can determine how much fun you will gain on new terrain and how you can improve yourself.

3. Plan a Schedule

Indoor climbing is popular at the right time, and gyms can be done side by side on popular weekdays nights. You can exercise during your lunch break, or even early in the morning to have the suitable schedule for yourself.

4. Make New Interpersonal Relationship

Climbing is a social activity, so you don’t need to be afraid to ask other climbers next to you for routes information. In fact, you don’t know when you will meet your next partner. Before long, you’ll have a group to play with, climb with and learn from.

5. Maintain sanitation

It’s rude to wear hiking shoes to use the bathroom. And it is necessary for you to bring sandals. In addition to this, do not forget to clean your hands.

6. Preparation

Selection of equipment is a course itself. when you’re climbing routes, you’ll need a seat belt, climbing shoes, chalk, an assurance device and a lock. when you’re bouldering, you may just need a chalk bag and climbing shoes will enough.

7. Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes should be comfortable, but not too tight. when you’re renting a pair of climbing shoes and which makes you feel uncomfortable, you can bring a pair of thin socks.

8. Use Chalk

In fact, chalk can keep your hands dry, and dry hands and fingers can help you have better friction when climbing. Friction is good. If you continue to climb the routes, bring a bag and some chalk. some gyms need you to use a chalk ball in order to reduce the white dust in the gym.

9. Calm Down

If you don’t climb actively, you will feel cold at the gym. Don’t forget to keep your body warm when you’re waiting for the opening of a wall or protecting your partner. Keeping your joints and hands warm between routes.

10. Daily Habits

Keep your climbing gears in a bag in your car so that you can go to the gym no matter when you want. Make sure your shoes are always in an airy place to reduce the smell. Don’t put your wet shoes in a bag, remember to take them out of the bag.

Try the horse riding by Jalisco Horse Kiddie Ride

Horse Kiddie Ride

People who live in grassland make a living by feeding caws, goats, and horses. Actually, they usually use the horses as the daily vehicles so that they are a really good driver on horseback. For people who live in urban areas, they can hardly have the chance to try a horse riding so that they will feel very happy if they are given a chance to try that. In this case, the indoor playground equipment manufacturers are quietly willing to help them experience the feeling of horse riding by providing them horse ride. the Jalisco horse kiddie ride is just one kind of these horse rides that can actually help children to know what it really feels like on a horseback.

About the Jalisco horse kiddie ride

The Jalisco horse kiddie ride features a running horse between the two cactuses on a square platform. The platform is constructed of steel frame and it contains an inner electric driving system that powers the moving horse. The horse is also constructed of steel frame and it attaches to the platform through the junction on its stomach. The junction is made to be flexible so that the horse can move forward and backward, or up and down. The legs of the horse painted in white and horse’s hoof in black, together with brownish yellow upper part, make the whole ride more like a real running horse. what’s more, the driving system will make a real-time action so that the child will mistakenly feel that they are making a real horse riding. The seat and footrest are all made of tear and wear material so that it can not only sustain a fierce force but also can work for a lasting time. To ensure a safer riding, we also have safety belt attached to the seat to make sure the child can sit more steadily when horse is running forward.

Three optional function

  • Electronic coin mechanisms: Supposing you are running a commercial indoor playground, you will need the electronic coin mechanism to help you make charging. Of course, this function is not a necessary for those non-profit organizations that are aimed to providing free services for communities.
  • Cash Box Security Bar: The cash box security bar is offered to help your cash box stay safe. Actually, you are recommended to add this function to your horse kiddie ride because it can help you save your worries.
  • 220 volt power conversion: The power electricity standards in different areas in the world are different so that the power conversion will be necessary under this circumstance. The 220 volt power conversion is offered free if you have bought this machine.

In the Qing dynasty, there are usually battles happening constantly. At that time, people are used to fight with their enemies on the horseback. Now, we can still repick the feeling by experience a horse riding in the indoor play park. Our Jallisco horse kidie ride is a recommended equipment that will help to achieve your riding dream.

Rediscover your memories with the “old fashioned” arcade game

What is the arcade game

Speaking of arcade games, the earliest version is called electro-mechanical games that are deeply known by many 80s. Actually, those 80s must remember those memories linked to the early amusement-park where there are filled with all kinds of arcade games. They must can still recall their feelings from those games like Pacman, Ms Pacman, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Centipede, Frogger, Defender & Joust. Engaging in those arcade games, people tend to temporarily forget everything outside the virtual world. At that time, the time is considered to stood still in the real world while it flies faster than thunder in the virtual world. Then, what in the end the arcade game is and what magic power it has?

What is the arcade game?

Arcade game, or you can call it coin-operated game, was sourced from 1930s where the first coin-operated pinball machine emerged. At that time, the early amusement machine is very simple, as well as different for those electronic ones today. Because of this, the earliest arcade games just have few kinds available in those early amusement-park where you can play ball-toss games, shooting galleries. The most interesting part will be the special coin-operated fortune machine that boost to tell out the future of a person and played mechanical music. Though the early arcade game is limited to a few kinds, it grew to a big household during the following decades. Also, in the late 1970s, the arcade game industry walked into a gold age, where there are thousands of arcade games available for people to create their own happy moments.

What kind of magic power does arcade game have?

Since its outbreak in those golden days, “arcade game” becomes a well-known term that is familiar to almost everyone. Today, you can see large variety of arcade games in the amusement center such as video games, merchandisers, redemption games, pinball machines, and many others. So, here comes the first reason for its great magic power. It refers to the its plentiful categories that can meet the demands of people of different ages, as well as satisfy different tastes. In this case, people will never get tired of soaring in all kinds of virtual worlds. Another important factor that has been supporting its lasting existence and prosperous is about the game itself. This is a very simple logic inference because the arcade game won’t manage to attract even a single more player if it is bored itself. Punching on the pad or pulling around the joysticks can always make players feel excited and keep them engaged in for hours.

The arcade game is always able to offer youths hours of fun by providing exciting shooting games, boxing games, fighting games, and racing games. Today in those arcade game center, you can both find out new arcade games and traditional arcade games that can help rediscover your ole memories.