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How to set up children’s indoor playground

How to set up children's indoor playground

For creative business people, having an indoor playground can be personally and financially beneficial. The creative advantage of indoor playgrounds is that they are extremely versatile and can accommodate whatever equipment, activity or function the builder wants. The commercial advantage of indoor playgrounds is that they can establish themselves by catering to parents who want their children to be healthy and active. The key to building an indoor playground is to find a suitable location for the facilities and create a beautiful indoor environment for the customers.

Pay attention to indoor playgrounds in your area

Indoor playground is usually listed as “recreational facilities” or “playgrounds” and usually have names such as “family entertainment center” or “entertainment area”. If you’re not sure if an organization has an indoor playground, call and ask. Many businesses, such as restaurants and day-care centers have an indoor stadium as a sideline. Pay attention to indoor playgrounds in your area.

Decide what type of indoor playground you want to operate

Indoor playgrounds vary in many shapes and sizes. Some tunnels have a large pipe complex consisting of many interconnected tunnels and slides. Some have several separate components (slides, swings, climbing frames) similar to those can be found in outdoor playgrounds. Others have arcade games and food courts, in addition to playing equipment. Equipment for tubular complexes is often more expensive than traditional playground equipment, and more equipment and features mean greater start-up costs. When deciding on the concept of a playground, consider the costs and benefits. Check vendor websites to compare device prices and features.

Find a place with few playgrounds but lots of schools, nurseries, and retailers

Choosing a place where parents and children often travel together is important, but just as important is choosing a place where there won’t be too much competition. Playgrounds have a fairly simple purpose: there are places where children are active and playful, and parents don’t have to worry about their children getting lost. Therefore, in a small area, there is usually not more than one indoor playground market. To find a suitable location, search the retail rental space directory for commercial buildings with open space and suburban locations.

Design the layout of the indoor playground

Depending on the complexity of the project, you can do it with the help of an indoor designer. If you plan to operate a simple playground using traditional equipment, you can design a simple layout with the help of an online floor planning resource. If you plan to run a larger playground with complex plumbing and several rooms, you may want to keep the services of an interior designer. To find an interior designer in your area, visit the American association of interior designers web site and click “find an interior designer.”

Buy indoor playground equipment

There are many enterprises specializing in different types of indoor playground equipment and supplies. The supplier you should work with depends on the type of playground you want to operate. International Play Co., for example, offers traditional indoor slides, swings and climbing frames, while Orca Coast Play provides large tubular structures for larger indoor playground facilities.

See what state and local business licenses you need

Register your business name and get a tax ID number. Business names are usually registered in your state and may require a fee. You can usually complete tax and business forms on your state department website. Federal tax documents are obtained through the internal revenue service and your state’s tax agency.

Install the device at your location

If necessary, ask a porter to help move the equipment to the designated location when it arrives. If your plan involves a complex network of ancillary components, the company you purchase the device may be able to help you install larger components. You can install simple devices yourself.