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Try the horse riding by Jalisco Horse Kiddie Ride

Horse Kiddie Ride

People who live in grassland make a living by feeding caws, goats, and horses. Actually, they usually use the horses as the daily vehicles so that they are a really good driver on horseback. For people who live in urban areas, they can hardly have the chance to try a horse riding so that they will feel very happy if they are given a chance to try that. In this case, the indoor playground equipment manufacturers are quietly willing to help them experience the feeling of horse riding by providing them horse ride. the Jalisco horse kiddie ride is just one kind of these horse rides that can actually help children to know what it really feels like on a horseback.

About the Jalisco horse kiddie ride

The Jalisco horse kiddie ride features a running horse between the two cactuses on a square platform. The platform is constructed of steel frame and it contains an inner electric driving system that powers the moving horse. The horse is also constructed of steel frame and it attaches to the platform through the junction on its stomach. The junction is made to be flexible so that the horse can move forward and backward, or up and down. The legs of the horse painted in white and horse’s hoof in black, together with brownish yellow upper part, make the whole ride more like a real running horse. what’s more, the driving system will make a real-time action so that the child will mistakenly feel that they are making a real horse riding. The seat and footrest are all made of tear and wear material so that it can not only sustain a fierce force but also can work for a lasting time. To ensure a safer riding, we also have safety belt attached to the seat to make sure the child can sit more steadily when horse is running forward.

Three optional function

  • Electronic coin mechanisms: Supposing you are running a commercial indoor playground, you will need the electronic coin mechanism to help you make charging. Of course, this function is not a necessary for those non-profit organizations that are aimed to providing free services for communities.
  • Cash Box Security Bar: The cash box security bar is offered to help your cash box stay safe. Actually, you are recommended to add this function to your horse kiddie ride because it can help you save your worries.
  • 220 volt power conversion: The power electricity standards in different areas in the world are different so that the power conversion will be necessary under this circumstance. The 220 volt power conversion is offered free if you have bought this machine.

In the Qing dynasty, there are usually battles happening constantly. At that time, people are used to fight with their enemies on the horseback. Now, we can still repick the feeling by experience a horse riding in the indoor play park. Our Jallisco horse kidie ride is a recommended equipment that will help to achieve your riding dream.